T&A Rehearsal Thoughts

November 7, 2009

We wrapped up rehearsals at 2 am last night. We’ve been working on this short 10 minute comedy about an actor getting screwed over again and again by his agent. It’s a pretty funny satire called ‘Cleveland Waits’, google the script.

I lent my bud the Meisner book and I’ve been reading Stanislavksi.Both methods are quite dramatic. I recorded our rehearsal and after watching it. damn we turned that comedy into drama :$. At next weeks rehearsal we’re going to have to get our goofiness on. I thought I was very expressive with my reactions, and my movement. However I need to work on inflection and clarity of voice. I thought Ter did a great job with his linesand was great at everything but I felt like he held the same emotion throughout.

Monologues are a great training tool (as well as voice work which I’ve been LAZY with). I’ve been rehearsing the NSA monologue in Good Will Hunting. I don’t think it’s that hard of a monologue to pull off but I can’t for the life of me pull off that New Jersey Accent.