“just write, do it! Do it!” said the voice.. As the soul stared solemnly at the bright white flourescent screen. To his amazement, the language from within appeared before his eyes. It spoke of regret, of happiness, of an aging aching soul raging from within. “All I want” he yelps, “Is my love”. Too bad he’s looking at the wrong direction.. or he would have found what he was looking for a long, long time ago.

She strolls through the routine, dreaming for someone to take her on an adventure. Quietly she waits. and waits. and waits..

.. and forgets.

his fantasy. needy without a purpose. a denial that refuses to dissolve.

George Bush X. Glycerine. Sixteen Stone.. Fragments of his mind. Like Puzzle pieces not intended to fit together.

A castle, A obelisk pulled back to earth. Crumbling pieces. Shattered feelings. If only suicide was the way to live.

If only you knew. If you only knew. We would be best friends. Forever.


Ps. search: George Bernard Shaw. “Devils Speech,” pp. 145-147; in Man and Superman. Baltimore: Penguin, 1964


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