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Recap on the waning days of the decade

January 7, 2010

I spent the better half of the last decade working on my failings with girls. In my entire life I was never terrible with girls either. I remember this girl coming over to my house in her bikini with her friend asking me to go for a swim with them when I was 14. I said I couldn’t because my trunks were in the washer.. Oh yea, they came by not once, but twice. And the second time they were dripping wet.. Yep, I’m not the smartest apple in the apple orchid.

I ended off the decade meeting up with a girl at Yorkville. I could’ve done much better, but when you’re rusty like I am, old insecurities (which I created for myself to make my life harder) creep in. First off, I arranged the date entirely through text. I never once called her. Second of all, I just told her to meet me at Yorkville but didn’t plan on doing anything else even though she suggested that we watch a movie together the week before and have pancakes at her place :$.

Anyways, so we meet up and we head to the art gallery. We’re looking at the paintings together and we’re both wondering one thing. How can we ourselves make this? Turns out we’re both very much the artistically inclined individuals. Next stop we head to whole foods because I wanted to check out, friggen, whole foods! Turns out that place is not that far off from Longos.. what a let down

Turns out she’s got to leave because she’s got to pack, but we’re supposed to have pancakes at her place the next day. She’s leaving the country the day after that and she won’t be back in a while. The attraction is there, I know I need to kiss her to end all this speculation but at the subway station where I drop her off I let my doubting ways take over. Game over. Anton = ‘Big Fail’. I knew I wasn’t going over to her place because I didn’t seal the deal. Ah, fuck me!

Got her message the other day from whichever country she’s in:


Happy New Year!
Good luck with school!
Let all your dreams come true and don’t forget about art 🙂

.. I think when she meant art she meant the art of seduction. Thanks hun, I’ll keep that in mind for the next girls I meet :).

Got my life in order. 2010 is the beginning of a new era for me. All the major failings I’ve had with the lack of motivation, dropping out of school, quitting poker, quitting pick-up, quitting acting, quitting my DJ jobs, etc.. all those that I’ve experienced turned out to be the lesson of all lessons. I’ve spent my holiday working and preparing for May 2010. I’m expecting three things to happen:

1. I get a placement in co-op. Which will head me in the direction as a computer programmer for some corporation

2. I receive my $1500 start-up grant. Which will begin my entrepreneurship. My parents do not approve of this, and I’m clearly a little hesitant and scared. I’ll definitely be in debt instead of living in the cushy office that is 1.

3. Take summer courses and end school by 2011 and peddle my software in my spare time.

Obviously I’m most excited about #2. I’m currently preparing a business plan, updating the current piece of software that I made so by May I’ll have a good enough piece to sell, and basically setting the website up, and of course fine tuning that resume for placements. I would like to get into co-op, but my marks are barely there. And of course option #3 is pretty cool too.

I ll Let ya know kids!