Perception and Reality

The other day I opened the door to front of my house when all of a sudden my puppy dashed out onto the porch. Immediately she seemed bewildered, frightened, surprised, and a whole range of other mixed bag of emotions. It caused me to relate to her in a different mode. I live in a world that revolves around me, and because I’ve formed the habit of solidarity more-so in this part of my life than in the past, I am very much aware of myself and my own existence because the only voice and thoughts that enter my mind is mainly my own.

When I was able to empathize with my puppy, Butters, I was shocked at how different our modes are. We like to use intelligence and comparison to others as fuel for our ego and it’s easy for me to say that because I’ve seen more and know more I have a greater perception of our world than Butters does. Whether or not that’s true or false, it doesn’t properly register as my conclusion. I would rather say that I have a different construct of reality than she does. Hers, being a dog and primarily residing on the main floor of my house, and me a human having travelled across all of Canada, Hong Kong, and seen pictures of the entire world through my computer. Sure, I’ve seen more, but that doesn’t necessarily mean anything unless I am able to form the connections with my experiences. It’s like the story of the man walking past the wall every day for 20 years and not knowing that behind it there is a stash of gold bullion.

I’ve noticed that I have a filter that restricts me from experiencing a clearer perception of my reality. It comes in the form of needing to know and with opposites.

So far in my life I’ve only been able to do find the unity (which ends up as becoming humbleness) when I attend to some mundane task which shuts off my mind. This could be washing the dishes, cleaning the house, or drawing. Marijuana and Salvia have helped clear my mind as well too, however I find that if I did not partake in an activity such as drawing or cleaning my room when I’m smoked it becomes a waste.

My conclusion is that in our world, especially in this knowledge based google-esque period, we over complicate things – at least I do. I substitute knowledge, which is the primary reason for these complications, whereas I am actually seeking understanding. To understand is to be enlightened it is to be awake and to be aware. Knowledge is great because it gives me the power to operate on a different level, but unless I use its power to guide me towards enlightenment then my perception will never change.




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