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Echolocation Concept

November 16, 2009


Watch this: Lucas Murray

The few concept ideas I came up with are: speaker specs, LED glasses (both would be part of a costume), and an echolocation trainer for the blind or athletes who want to train his/her other senses.


Kanye Speaker Specs


Lady Gaga LED Lens


Echolocation Cartoon Description


Echolocation Technical Drawing



On Marketing

November 10, 2009

If you haven’t heard of Seth Godin check his blog out if you’re more interested in this type of stuff:

I had an interesting conversation with the owner of a Subway franchise today when I was picking up a sub.

By 2010 there’s going to be more subway restaurants than mcdonalds restaurants and the reason why is of course because everyone is so health conscious especially in the America. Obesity levels are high and a lot of elementary schools have banned soft drinks and chips because it’s that bad. What I find more interesting is of course the marketing (or non-marketing) with Subway. I rarely see those crazy planet-of-the apes like monkeys but burger commercials are always on. Another thing is the efficiency of their system. Compared to Mcdonalds they don’t have or need as many people to work at one time (just compare their kitchens). Also (I’m not sure about the other fast food restaurants), they have such an effective system they don’t waste any bread or other ingredients and are able to maintain their level of quality. In Canada there’s another purely Canadian chain called Mr. Sub. However, it’s not doing too well compared to Subway. And Quizzno’s, when they first came to Canada did really well but not anymore. Subways way of countering Quizzno’s was to install a toaster oven. Interesting..

However I will say this, and that is only Mcdonalds has been able to capture a very distinct memory in my childhood and because of that they got me for life. Which is weird because I spent most of my childhood eating at a Burger king :$. I guess it was those Mcdonalds Pizza’s that did it for me.

My question is this: What makes great marketing? When Subway launched the Jared campaign it seems nowadays that it was great timing (it was at the cusp of the health craze of 2000). It resonated with however many millions of obese men and women. Would it have been successful at any other moment in time? And what emotions did it appeal to? I’ll leave it at that

– turtle


November 8, 2009

I sent this to a friend almost a year ago. She asked me why I was selling my turntables and I replied with this:

“It’s about expressing the self. I don’t find dj’ing or scratching as raw as other things such as drawing, singing, or dancing. Don’t get me wrong, I do love scratching, but if it’s art we’re talking about then I’d want the medium I express it in not to be muffled by technology.”

– WOW. What a load of crap!

I have respect for artists of all kinds. But if I were to define or compare ‘genuine artists’ the rant would be something like this:

‘I once watched an interview with Tom Hanks when he was doing the junket rounds for Saving Private Ryan. He was talking about his early days in Sacramento State. He said one thing that would forever stick in my mind. To paraphrase: “The only difference between a ‘professional’ and an ‘amateur’ (actor) is the ability to take rejection. Not many people can go to 30-40 auditions and still say to themselves ‘boy I know I’ll get the next one!’.”

I believe in tenacity because (duh) it’s the things I’ve kept on doing that I’ve had success with. Therefore,  success is synonymous to the length of time you spend on your craft. I remember the main point in the Outliers was the 10,000 rule. Simply put, all successful individuals from Bill Gates to Mozart only became truly successful after spending 10,000 hours on their craft (he even says, even though Mozart was a child prodigy he only produced significant work when he was around… 17? ish?

Whether what you do is more less ‘pure’ because it’s muffled by technology was a pointless thought. In my mind, an artist is an individual continuously working on his craft and never stops.


Back then I took the belief of ‘truth’ too far. There is no truth in art because art is just an individuals energy translated into some result. Unless there are rules confined (such as art school) then there’s place for truth.

I came across this fellows work a few weeks ago: Willard Wigan. I was utterly shocked at his work. It’s one of the most original things I’ve EVER came across. Unlike a painter which we all would dismiss as another (hopefully noble) profession, when I first came across Willard’s work I thought to myself “Wow this guy is amazing!” but then I thought “Why would someone waste 7-8 weeks on ONE sculpture? What function does this ultimately serve?” After thinking about it for a moment I came to the same conclusion in the beginning that it’s just something he does. Like Warhol, he doesn’t go about trying to explain to people why his work is important or what its supposed to mean. It’s what it is.

With my own art. I hope I will be able to teach myself that it’s about the OCD of constantly working at the two things that I have massive passion for.

– turtle

T&A Rehearsal Thoughts

November 7, 2009

We wrapped up rehearsals at 2 am last night. We’ve been working on this short 10 minute comedy about an actor getting screwed over again and again by his agent. It’s a pretty funny satire called ‘Cleveland Waits’, google the script.

I lent my bud the Meisner book and I’ve been reading Stanislavksi.Both methods are quite dramatic. I recorded our rehearsal and after watching it. damn we turned that comedy into drama :$. At next weeks rehearsal we’re going to have to get our goofiness on. I thought I was very expressive with my reactions, and my movement. However I need to work on inflection and clarity of voice. I thought Ter did a great job with his linesand was great at everything but I felt like he held the same emotion throughout.

Monologues are a great training tool (as well as voice work which I’ve been LAZY with). I’ve been rehearsing the NSA monologue in Good Will Hunting. I don’t think it’s that hard of a monologue to pull off but I can’t for the life of me pull off that New Jersey Accent.